aiVerse Tailsale Board

Most auctions run for a specified time and end in an event at which the auction manager will end the auction. Depending on how they run things you will either get the full bid or just a specified percentage paid out to you once the auction ends. Pay attention to the infoboards at your auction to figure this out, or ask the local auction manager! The boards will notify the highest bidder and auctionee of who won.

Placing your bid

To place your bid, simply pay the board belonging to who/whatever you want to bid on. Make sure your bid is L$50 higher than the previous bid; this is to avoidL$ spamming on the auctions.

Getting yourself a board

To get a board assigned to you, pick a free board and pay it the setup price; It will then tell you that it has successfully assigned to you and you are ready to go.

Setting up the board

  1. Loading a notecard: To load your notecard into the board, simply touch it, select "Load Notecard" and drag your notecard (with copy/transfer permissions) onto the board.
  2. Setting a custom picture: To set a custom image, touch the board and select "Load Image". Now rightclick the texture you want to use in your inventory, copy its UUID and paste that into the textbox. Click submit to complete the process.
  3. Reverting to your profile picture: Touch the board and click "Reset Image".